Wired censored but still offering subscriptions

Dear Wired,

Thank you for participating in the SOPA blackout today. I am glad that a large publication such as yours is showing solidarity with those of us who are worried about government censorship. However, one little thing. Yes, you blacked out the news and content on your site, yet you proceeded to leave — un-censored — the subscription advertisement, the “Subscribe to wired and get tablet access included”, the Twitter and the Facebook Like button(s)!

Wired Censor Image

I understand the Twitter and Facebook Like button(s). It is good to allow people to spread the word about your stance on this issue. However, you have a big red “Uncensor This Page” button. You might have chosen to leave your subscription ads censored as well — at least until I chose to click “Uncensor This Page”.

Marketing department not in line with Editorial department?


Jann Gobble

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