While watching #walkingdead It struck me: The audience doesn’t care if characters die when they did not like them to begin with.

Using the old “we lost a child, we have to go back and find her.” only intrigues and worries the audience if the writers made you like the child before they “wrote” her off…

I like “The Walking Dead”, I really do. AMC, in my book, has a hit on their hands. But the writers really need to figure out that they are introducing too many people and then immediately killing them off. I loved Otis, even though he shot Carl (by accident). They wrote him off in a most horrible way. Zombie show = people get eaten. I get that.

By contrast: Sophie. I know she is just a little girl. I get that you should care about a little girl. I just don’t care enough to cause everyone else to get killed while searching.

And Hershell. Don’t even get me started. I keep yelling at the TV set: “They are NOT alive, you idiot! This is not a sickness to be cured. Torch the barn!”

Then I return to the land of the living, turn the TV set off and wait for next week’s episode. TV Shows like this could make me keep the “upper tier” of programming.

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