Should we preserve “a copy” of the Koran if the enemy is using it to transmit extremist messages?

I really, really like this article. Just where should we draw the line? Should we not bomb mosques even though, for that reason alone, they are being used to store munitions to be used against us? Should we still respect the Koran if that ONE physical copy of book is used to transmit extremist messages?

I abhor book-burning more than most. It is anathema to me, the idea that someone would take knowledge, any knowledge, and send it up in smoke — simply to prevent that knowledge from being passed down. However, my north-american sensibilities mostly stem from books being burned that promoted things like “free speech” and art that the government (or organizations) proclaim as wrong.

I have come to the realization that sometimes it is okay to burn a book when doing so saves lives. Sometimes it is okay to bomb a mosque when that mosque is used to store munitions that are used against us. When the enemy stops holding their religious artifacts and trappings with what we see as proper regard, why should we?

My opinion? We should not have apologized! Any religion, by the way, that holds the physical object, the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, in greater regard than the words and ideas it contains has some major issues.

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