The Loop: The truth about Apple Pay

From an article I wrote for Fortune:

The fact that none of these guys brought up or seemed at all concerned about cybertheft may tell you more than any headline that contains the words Apple, Pay and Fraud.

There’s too much fear-mongering going around these days.∞ Read this on The Loop

BGR » Apple: Comcast could get dragged kicking and screaming into joining Apple’s TV service…
Despite initial reports that content from NBCUniversal (which is owned by Comcast) won’t be a part Apple’s rumored TV streaming service, contract terms Comcast agreed to when it acquired NBCUniversal back in 2011 may force the media giant’s hand. To pass regulatory scrutiny, Comcast a few years ago agreed that it would make NBCUniversal content available to online video distributors at rates that were comparable to the rates it charges cable providers to carry that same content. Don’t Miss: 3 ways cable companies may try to ruin Apple’s streaming service Furthermore, AppleInsider adds that Comcast’s negotiating power may be stifled by Apple’s contract terms with other broadcast networks. Additionally, if an online video service strikes a deal with one of