Passikoff says several things that I am struggling to understand

Okay, regarding +jcpenney, Passikoff says several things that I am struggling to understand. When asked how he views the new +jcpenney transformation strategy, he responds: "He thinks it's a sign that the retailer, which is struggling to keep up with Macy's, Kohl's and others, is in trouble, and has been for a while." and "…It’s not a quick fix. I don’t see whatever it is."

Okay, Passikoff, DUH! That is why they are changing things!

In general, I don't trust people that have the nerve to (essentially) say: "I don't like what they are doing … but I don't know what they should do" — especially when they are in the business of knowing what to do (Marketing).

Fail! Bad interview. Wrong person to consult.

Robert Passikoff, president of loyalty marketing firm Brand Keys, doesn’t think J.C. Penney's announced plans to transform its shopping experience is enough to save the struggling retailer. Here's why…

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  1. I got the new “jcp” February mailer today – it’s almost like a catalog, it’s so big. I’m liking the new design direction and the “simplicity” of the new pricing. I know a lot of people who are used to the psychological thrill of clipping coupons and gaming the system will be upset – but they are trying to address that by positioning the coupon system as “cluttered mailboxes” and “jumping through hoops.” Good call. Simplicity may win the day here.

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