A thief steals from my front porch

I know they only took an ashtray, but it is the blatant theft that bothers me! We were home at the time, not 20 ft away…with all the window blinds open!

I want cameras that electrify thieves!

Watch this (2min) Paula Deen Inteview CAREFULLY!

In the video that many are saying “shows her racial feelings” please watch carefully to see what she is REALLY saying because it is not what you think:


I Grew Up Watching Him…

Watching “The Andy Griffith Show” was an important part of my life when growing up. Could be cos he sounded like every one around me in the small town of Centralia. Maybe just because my dad was a lot like him back then. Whatever reason, Farewell Andy!


My Infiniti QX-56 Recalled!

Well, so much for laughing at Toyota owners (of which I am one). This morning I awoke to KTVU announching that my 2008 Infiniti QX-56 was recalled for 2 separate issues.

One, and the least important to me safety-wise is the fuel gauge inaccuracy issue. This causes your fuel gauge to read incorrectly. So incorrectly, in fact, that Nissan is telling us to make sure we have more than 1/2 tank of gas all the time until we get it fixed. The other, more important one to me, is that Nissan reports that three instances have been reported where brake pedal pins have partially disengaged, resulting in a loss of normal braking ability. This one bothers me a lot since I do a lot of driving in congested areas — making it more likely to bite me in the long run. So, off to Beschoff Infiniti this afternoon to get me loaner car and let them have my SUV. At least I am not affected by Nissan’s worrying driveshaft yoke issues of recent weeks.

The naming of Ebbtide

In “The Golden Girls” there was a well known directive stating that episodes could not be named something like “Rose Dates Miles”. Instead, they wanted a “Caring Name” like “72 Hours”. (see bit.ly/ebbti… ) .. In rejection of that “Caring Name” naming convention, Marc Sotkin (Executive Producer of The Golden Girls) started writing episodes with titles like “Ebbtide”, “Ebbtide’s Revenge”, “Ebbtide IV The Wrath of Stan”. By the same token, iPhone apps must, it seems, be have one-word name in order to be “in”, “hip” and “cool”. You know, there are very few one-word app names that can be considered cool! I am *very* close to simply calling our new app: “Ebbtide”.

Pondering the app name, my friend and co-developer: Gene Cowan just began tossing out name and word combination. After that, choosing a name was quite easy. It just popped into our heads. But now I continually refer to it accidentally as the competition. My husband asks how work went on the new program last night and I respond: “Oh, competition_name is gonna be great! I just finished this feature…” or whatever. My husband just sits there and stares at me…then kindly reminds me: Tell Gene not to let you do any interviews about the app. You cannot keep the name straight! sigh.