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Dinner at “New China Restaurant” in Santa Rosa, CA

Will let you know how it turned out…

This was fantastic food. If you are looking for ambience, go elsewhere. If you want excellent Chinese food with no fanfare, this is the place. They make things that you ask for that are not on the menu (Hot and Spicy Eggplant anyone?).

All in all a very satisfying meal!

New China Restaurant on Yelp

The cable companies want to force you to rent a set top box.

Today cable companies must deliver Must-Carry stations in a way that enables tuners like Boxee Live TV (and the ones in your TV set) to display broadcast television channels without any extra hardware. This is commonly referred to as “must-carry.” In September, 2007, new rules were adopted by the FCC to insure that all Cable Customers continue to receive Local TV stations after the analog broadcast cut-off date of June, 2009. I like this. What this basically means is that a cable company must carry these stations (if the stations, indeed, request it).

However, now the cable companies want the FCC to allow them to encrypt the broadcast channels and therefore force you to rent a set top box for each TV set you have in your house! Their excuse being that it would save the environment — because it would prevent a truck-roll in order to turn service off. This is not in order to save bandwidth or to convert over to digital by the deadline of June, 2009.

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One Million Mom’s Facebook page is now private

It seems that One Million Mom’s really does not want it’s 40k members (note: not 1M) influenced by the rest of society out there. They have closed off their Facebook page and made it “private”.
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