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Found a Disneyland Resort “typo” when reading Dateline Disneyland today. #disneyland #micechat

I love Dateline Disneyland. Andy gives me my weekly Disneyland fix when I cannot always be at the park…

But, this week it caused me to wonder about something. What is wrong with this picture?

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New collectible art for Alice and Mary Blair fans!

I love this! Never mind it is Alice in Wonderland art…just look at it. It is in the unique style of Mary Blair…which is always a soft spot for me! If I only had a place to display it. My husband would kill me if I brought another piece of Disney memorabilia, I think!

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Looks like a tunnel “Took Out” a passenger at the Matterhorn…

I know this is not what it looks like, but doesn’t it seem like some poor schmuck got taken out on the Matterhorn during the refurb process? That is what you get when you stand up in the seat…

Matterhorn Tunnel

Image courtesy of Andy Castro at Dateline Disneyland