An App for an Audience

Well, our app has been released. You can see it at: MouseAddict….. So, you would think I would be done, right? Wrong! redesign , changes, doubts and guessing are all part of my life now. This is an introduction the mind of a MouseAddict:

So you made the perfect iPhoneOS app! Blood, sweat and tears went into the final product. But wait? After release you realize it is not compatible with around 72% of the iPhone OS product line because you forgot to compile it for anything other than v3.1.3 of iPhoneOS? Urgh. Back to the drawing board. This one is easy. A simple recompile with a new setting for both the Lite and Full versions of MouseAddict. Resubmit it to the app store and wait a short time for re-approval — re-approvals are generally (in my mind) easier…but they are in actuality probably the same to Apple.

Okay, waiting is easy right? Wrong! You see, it is roughly at this point that I call Gene and say: “Hey Gene: I know we just submitted the original app a week ago buuuuuut since we had to do a resubmission anyway, why don’t we add this cool new feature.

Timeout: It is about this time I can hear the blood pressure monitor (that is at my house) start beeping frantically — and it is not even turned on. See, Gene used it once and it has this kind of psychic connection with him ever since.

Okay, time to soften my approach. “Just a minute, Gene … just listen. ” etc, etc, etc. It basically does no good! You see, I made this agreement that MouseAddict would be a specialized program — yet with every idea I have I want to expand it. Not that this is wrong. Brainstorming is great — *if* you stay within the idea of “A small, easy-to-use app with a cool function and a great interface”. The minute you try to shoehorn unnecessary functionality in the app is the minute it ceases to become easy and begins to become confusing.

Here is my main issue: I really want this app to take off. I think it is a good app for people who, like me, go to the park and want to know where to find things. I know this is not the app for people who want to be “socially connected” while at the park. It is hard enough (with the spotty 3G service at the parks) for any “social app” to work reliably. When there are that many people using that many cell phones within that small of a local area then the data portion of anyone’s smartphone is going to suffer. So, to rely on a “social” aspect of any app to always work is not a good idea. So, we did not include a social aspect to this app. Our app is simple. It uses GPS to locate yourself in the park and allows you to choose which “addiction” you want to find. Even without a data connection our app works to locate you, locate your “addiction” and give instructions on how to get there from where you are (using both text and pictures of the area).

For all my complaining about wanting more things in this app, I think we did right limiting the scope. Wanna find a Churro? There’s an app for that!

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