A thief steals from my front porch

I know they only took an ashtray, but it is the blatant theft that bothers me! We were home at the time, not 20 ft away…with all the window blinds open!

I want cameras that electrify thieves!

3 thoughts on “A thief steals from my front porch”

  1. I’m your neighbor across the street at 913. From what I can see, this was a female in possibly a robe with a hoodie over it. Not one I have recognized, but we do have so many indigent transients flowing through the area in the winter. Even more now it seems. 9 years ago, when we moved in, our home had been shuttered for a year. when I looked out the window while doing demolition, I observed two cars pull up and transact a healthy bag of white powder with no concern of being caught. We are on the edge of a quiet and not so much quiet city area. We have had raving maniacs banging at our door at 3am, only to have the police ‘move the drunkard along’. any invasion of personal space is discomforting. and having evidence doesn’t really help. I will promise to keep my eyes open for our neighborhood, that is what good neighbors do. FRED

  2. This just irks me that we cannot have nice things. The first year we were here a flame pedestal was stolen. Since then all of our porch items have steel cables holding them secure. Pity they don’t make those for smaller objects 🙂

    We have observed that type of “transaction” regarding illegal substances as well. We simply file the footage and turn it over to the police. The police have asked for footage when we get it.

  3. Unfortunately, I don’t recognize the thief. I certainly understand your feelings of violation. We live right near downtown and have had many things stolen from our front porch AND our back yard, including tools (after thieves broke into our tool shed) and our granddaughter’s bicycle.

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