I would tend to believe that much of Facebook came from the theft of Yahoo! IP

Yahoo! suing Facebook is interesting. At first glance I would think “patent troll” again. However if you stop and think about it, much of what Facebook prior to 2007/2008 is exactly what Yahoo! was .. on steroids.

I really hope Yahoo! can blow Facebook out of the water — getting a huge judgement — and a stiff future royalty payment. That is in the courtroom. Once wonders however, if Facebook users would “politically kill” Yahoo! for winning. It would, in the long run, affect what Facebook is — and could become, probably for the worse. Would Facebook users put up with that? Or — like they did with the death of MySpace — would they just move on to the next social network?

Okay — I guess Sears just did not even THINK before putting this winner up for sale!

Oh, My God!. Kinda make’s that JCPenney T-Shirt look like child’s play, doesn’t it?

Still wondering…Why do prison inmates get Comcast Cable at all?

I am just in awe. Break the law, get put away, get cable! In my opinion, you should get only (if any at all) the 4 major networks, period! Nothing else. Nada. Why is cable required at all?

Texas Inmates get Cinemax for Free

Oh, and Comcast? The next time a Jail warden tells you that his inmates can watch Cinemax, please listen.

Oh, and Warden Tim New? The next time your inmates can get Cinemax, the thing to do is to turn the TVs off and remove them until the issue is fixed!