Take THAT, Target!

Emmer, Megastore Target’s presumptive choice for Governor of Minnesota, is trailing Democrat Mark Dayton by a little over 1% this morning, with 92% of all votes cast.

You know, I have long said that corporate funds have no place in politics. Corporations are just groups of people formed into an entity. Individually those groups have freedom of speech and can donate to elections. I have no idea why, when combined into a corporation, the Supreme Court has decided they must have yet ANOTHER amount of money with which to back a candidate. People can only contribute a certain amount to a campaign. That, I guess, is what bugs me. Why do people get limited with respect to donations to campaigns, but corporations (again, just a GROUP of people) have no limits.

Regardless, let’s hope this lead (as of this post, Dayton’s lead is a bit over 9500 votes) holds out. It may warn corporations not to dabble in politics. They will not listen, but it may be a harbinger of things to come.

I have held true to my boycott of Target since the donation to the group that funded Emmer was announced. I have actually saved money not shopping at Target. I used to buy all my items at Target because everything was convenient and in one place. I have since learned that savvy shopping at CVS and Lucky/Safeway grocery stores saves me more money overall. As for the things I cannot buy at CVS or a grocery store? Amazon Prime works wonders!