$JCP News: Sephora inside JCPenney opens Friday with giveaways at Valley View Mall

Sephora fanatics: You don’t really need free makeup to get you excited about the Friday, May 1, opening at Valley View Mall, do you? The new store — which is in the middle of JCPenney — is giving away 750 gift bags full of samples, according to a …

9to5Mac: Discover cardholders get Apple Pay support starting this fall

Discover announced today that it’s made a deal with Apple to join the other three big card companies already offering support for the company’s new payments service, Apple Pay. That means that starting this fall, Discover cardholders will finally be able to add their cards to the service and make contactless, NFC-based payments using iPhone […]

9to5Mac: A skeptic’s Apple Watch diary: Day 4, the halfway point

I gave my first impressions of the Apple Watch on Friday. Three-and-a-half days in, and halfway into my one-week experiment, it’s time for an update. You may want to get a cup of your preferred hot beverage before reading this piece: it’s a long one! It appears I was entirely alone in my uncertainty over […]

Master Feed : The Atlantic: What Airlines Don’t Get About Delays

By presenting the same limited information to fliers in a very different way, carriers might be able to make everyone a little less aggravated.

9to5Mac: Users discover stainless steel Apple Watch scratches easily, the $5 fix is even easier (Video)

Now that the stainless steel Apple Watch is becoming widely available, owners are beginning to post photos showing their shiny steel Watches have already developed scratches on the casing. Since Apple’s videos touted its steel as specially cold-forged to achieve superior hardness, people have been surprised to discover that the finish is easily scratched – many comparing it to the back of […]

BGR » Apple: FEATURED — The same strategy that helped make Jay-Z’s Tidal a disaster is making Apple look brilliant

Look at Beyonce. Just look at her. All beautiful and bright and laid back and… rich. Sitting on her private jet, casually glancing out the window with peacock feathers hanging from her bandana and hair brooch that is just too fashionable to bear. But… wait… what’s that on her wrist? Is that… an Apple Watch? You know it is. DON’T MISS: Watch an angry Robert Downey Jr. walk out of the worst Avengers interview ever Using celebrities to promote products isn’t exactly a novel concept. Celebrity endorsements have existed since the dawn of celebrity. But there’s something to be said for the way Apple is handling Apple Watch promotion. I mean, just look at Beyonce. Having celebrities speak at launch events or